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INEYA - why?

On coming up with the idea of creating this website, RJ put the call out and asked for suggestions and ideas; some cheeky, some not so.

Most people who know him understand his sense of humour and 'cheekiness', so with this in mind, the name INE'ya was created.

Put simply, it stands for "I'm Not Eating Your Arse!"; ultimately it's about not eating the carcass of any living creature.

Pronounced 'IN YA', it is also to show that the recipes and meals are tasty and should be:

  • INE'ya mouth;

  • INE'ya belly;

  • INE'ya shopping basket;

and not simply a piece of meat INE'ya arse (c'mon, RJ is gay - so tongue-in-cheek humour is allowed).

January 2018 RJ decided to take part in Veganuary and whilst he hasn't said "Yes, I am vegan"; he would say that he is 'veggie with vegan tendencies' - he is still struggling with giving up halloumi (especially battered and deep fried) and Tunnock's caramel logs.

During Veganuaryj 2018 RJ set about recreating recipes that could easily be made, batch prepared and frozen; so would have some ready to put in the microwave and take to work for lunch. RJ also wanted to create desserts and pies that non-vegans would enjoy - a bit like Greggs for vegans.

Having now done quite a few, with most now tried and taste tested, RJ has been asked for copies of the recipes many times now so felt it was easier to create this website and upload them.

INE'ya is not advocating that everyone should be vegan; however we will advocate that everyone should at least try one of these delicious recipes and have at least one vegan meal a week.

If there is a dish, dessert or drink you'd like to see re-created as vegan, then please feel free to contact us and we will give it a go - though we won't re-create the wheel and if there's a good recipe out there, then we'll direct you to it.

If you have any comments, suggestions, hints, tips and recipes, then please feel free to contact us.

thank you


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