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INEYA update

"Where are the recipes?" we hear you ask, as we receive messages from all over the world.

"We like the pictures of your creations when you post them on Facebook, yet where are the recipes?"

Well . . . unfortunately you'll need to wait that little bit longer.

Whilst doing the taste testing with friends, colleagues, family and strangers - OK, dental staff and volunteers in charity shops - the one thing that kept coming up was whether or not RJ was going to run with this as a business option and sell the food or simply put the recipes online.

So, you'll notice there have been slight changes to the wording on this website: "food" instead of "recipes" is the key one.

INE'ya will be choosing an initial 5 to 6 products (with various flavours) to focus on and develop; ones which our lovely tasters have said were simply amazing.

There will be at least three main items covering pies and tarts, cakes and muffins, truffles, cheesecakes and meal options; which ones have yet to be decided.

So . . . if you would like to assist with this next stage of taste testing, please get in contact via the 'get in touch' button on

Thank you for your patience.


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