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UK Black Pride

Many years ago RJ attended the first 'open' UK Black Pride in Regents Park where he instigated an information stall on SGI Nichiren Buddhism.

It was only fitting therefore that the first ever INE'ya stall to test product sales and learn more about what else is required before we go full scale into having stalls at Farmers Markets, Pride events etc.

The response was phenomenal, the experience amazing and the learning curve extraordinary.

Thanks to Jason and the staff at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, due to a last minute glitch where the stall was initially supposed to have been, they allowed us to pitch up outside their venue. Using their facilities (kitchen etc) Jason and the team were simply fabulous.

Simon assisted on the day and he was simply amazing.

So much interest, so much feedback and so much to learn.

Having our first stall at this event showed us what is possible, what still needs to be done and what can be improved.

We shall be having more stall in the near future, so watch this space.

thank you


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